When? 25/07/2022 – 03/08/2022

Where? Kolin, Czechia

Topic of the project: sport activities for youth

Project objectives:

We provided participants with:

  • basic rules of healthy exercising, nutrition skills, breathing, sleeping, and ways to strengthen the immune system
  • knowledge, skills, and attitudes to promote physical activity – grassroots sport, relaxation techniques, meditation, sleeping habits, nutrition, and healthy lifestyle
  • higher awareness of consequences that an unhealthy lifestyle can lead tability to develop teamwork, leadership, discipline, and other skills and values in youngsters through various activities oriented on physical, social, psychic, and spiritual health
  • space to share best practices from their own realities opportunities to involve not only youngsters with fewer opportunities in social life through sport

🌎 This project has been funded by the European Union through Erasmus+ Programme.


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