CEFIG started in 2012 as an organization initiated by two finance professionals, Ondra and Pepa, who wanted to make a positive social impact beyond their corporate financial roles. Their backgrounds as financial advisors led them to recognize the importance of sharing financial knowledge with younger generations. 

Initially, they focused on providing financial literacy training in schools. However, they soon realized that when running an organisation they need to strive for more sustainability. To become more self-reliant, they transformed CEFIG from a non-profit into a social enterprise. This shift allowed them to sell financial workshops to companies, using the earned money to fund workshops in schools and foster homes.

Erasmus+ Youth Exchange "See U Potential"

In 2016, CEFIG expanded its horizons by joining the Erasmus+ Programme, and that’s how CEFIG International started. Through this programme, they aimed to share their financial workshops with youth workers across Europe.

Immersed in the Erasmus+ community, they identified a wider need for knowledge and skills. Recognizing the scarcity of sustainable practices among organizations, they broadened their training scope. Now, CEFIG International doesn’t just focus on finance; they offer diverse trainings encompassing critical thinking, media literacy, and innovative educational methods.


In CEFIG International we offer non-formal education activities in the frames of Erasmus+ and ESC programmes. Since 2016 we have hosted more than 35 international Training Courses, we’ve developed educational materials within 4 KA2 Strategic Partnerships and involved the local community through 6 ESC Solidarity Projects. On our residential activities we welcomed more than 800 participants from all over Europe.

CLICK HERE to check our activity within CEFIG on the national level, where we offer financial literacy trainings for schools and companies, as well as financial consultancies.

In our projects we focus mostly on financial literacy and social entrepreneuship, as well as critical thinking and media literacy. However, as we cooperate with professional trainers from different fields, we also host project within different topics. We believe that the competences we are transferring to participants of our projects are crucial for young people to grow and live in the modern world.



Ondra Podlešák
Financial manager

Helena Leszczyńska
Creative manager

Lucie Kadlecová
Project coordinator

Jan Chlapek
Project coordinator

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