E+ KA2 Strategic Partnerships


Erasmus+ Youth Exchange "See U Potential"

What Is It?

Our E+ KA2 Strategic Partnerships represent extended cooperative efforts spanning 2-3 years. These partnerships aim to collaborate on innovative projects involving educational outputs like manuals, games, and more. Additionally, they involve local events to disseminate the cooperation results.

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Through these long-term partnerships, we bring together diverse expertise from multiple countries to tackle societal challenges. The focus is on creating intellectual outputs, such as educational resources, and implementing them in local settings. These partnerships culminate in events where the results are shared with the wider community.


We believe in working together across borders to address pressing issues.


Our partnerships foster the development and sharing of innovative educational resources.

Community impact

The aim is to make a tangible and positive difference within local communities.

Our previous projects

KA2 final meeting PEPAR (Czechia)

KA2 final meeting PEPAR (Czechia)

Over the last two years, our organization, together with organizations from the Czech Republic (Cefig), Spain (Las Ninjas) and Denmark (Søholm 4H), have been creating, checking and testing educational games. The Goal of our meetings was to create games that will help...