Erasmus+ Training Course “Si Vis Pacem Para Pacem”

23/02/2024 – 02/03/2024 Kolín, Czech Republic

In February, an important project took place in our organisation to help young people facing tough situations. The goal was simple: bring them together and give them the tools to make things better in their communities.

The project had clear aims. First, it wanted to make young people from different backgrounds feel closer. Through fun activities and talks, they learned how to handle problems in a positive way.

Then, the project aimed to make sure everyone felt responsible for making their neighborhoods better. Participants learned how to speak up and make decisions that affect their communities.

And guess what? They also learned about peaceful ways to stand up for what they believe in. Through role-playing and discussions, they found out how to make change without resorting to violence.

One of the project’s participants said, “This project showed me how important it is to stick together and speak up for what’s right. I feel more confident now to make a difference in my community.”

As the project ended, participants left feeling more united and ready to make positive changes. With new skills and a sense of purpose, they’re determined to make their communities better places for everyone.

In the end, this project wasn’t just about learning—it was about coming together and making a real difference. And with young people leading the way, there’s no telling what amazing things they can achieve.

🌎 Erasmus+ Training Course “Si Vis Pacem Para Pacem” is funded by the Erasmus+ Programme.

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