Erasmus+ Training Course “Write It Up!”

12/01/2024 – 21/01/2024 Kolín, Czech Republic

In January 2024, Kolin, Czechia, became the hub for a special gathering of young minds from six European countries. They came together for an Erasmus+ project, focusing mainly on how young people can benefit from the program, especially through Key Action 1 for Youth.

The project had clear goals: to teach participants about Erasmus+ opportunities and how to apply for them, and to help them understand how the funding works. Workshops and sessions were held to give them practical knowledge.

But it wasn’t all talk. Participants also worked on identifying issues in their local communities and coming up with ways to solve them through educational activities. This hands-on approach helped them develop important skills.

As the project progressed, participants grew more confident and capable of managing their own projects. Maria from Spain, for example, shared how the experience gave her a clearer sense of purpose and improved her leadership skills.

The project also emphasized the importance of being eco-friendly and inclusive. Discussions and activities focused on how to make projects sustainable and welcoming to everyone.

Even after the project ended, support continued. Participants were given guidance on how to carry their projects forward and make them successful in the long term.

In essence, the Erasmus+ project in Kolin showed the power of young people coming together to learn and grow. It highlighted the potential for positive change when diverse perspectives unite toward a common goal. As participants left with new skills and a sense of purpose, they were ready to make a difference in their communities and beyond.

🌎 Erasmus+ Training Course “Write It Up!” is funded by the Erasmus+ Programme.

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