Erasmus+ Training Course “Maximum Impact”

02/12/2023 – 10/12/2023 Kolín, Czech Republic

In December, we took part in a fascinating project that aimed to teach us how to tackle big problems in smart ways. The project had several important goals:

First, we wanted to see which ideas worked best in making a big difference. We tested out different ways of doing things to find out what had the most impact.

But it wasn’t just about trying things out. We also learned how to think carefully about what might happen because of our actions. This included thinking about both the good and bad consequences. By doing this, we became better at making choices that helped more people.

The project also taught us how to use facts to make decisions and try new ideas carefully. We talked about some of the world’s biggest problems, like climate change and inequality, and how we could help fix them.

Another important part of the project was learning how to solve complex problems creatively and successfully. We experimented with different approaches and learned from our mistakes along the way.

Throughout the project, we were encouraged to discuss the most pressing problems in the world and how we could contribute to solving them. This helped us think about our role in making a positive difference.

As the project came to an end, we felt more prepared to make real changes. With the skills we learned, we’re excited to take on big challenges and make the world a better place.

In summary, this project was all about learning how to make a difference in the world. By investigating different ideas, thinking critically, and discussing important issues, we’re now better equipped to create positive change wherever we go.

🌎 Erasmus+ Training Course “Maximum Impact” is funded by the Erasmus+ Programme.

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