TC Healthy Youth

In summer 2022 we have implemented an Erasmus+ Training Course “Healthy Youth”. Participants from Poland, Bulgaria, Estonia, Romania, Turkey, Spain, and Germany had an opportunity to discover traditional South Moravian village Mutenice and learnt about ways and strategies how to promote physical activity and healthy lifestyle to young people.

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TC Off the Ground

People are like stars - they can show us the direction


In October 2022 we participated in an Erasmus+ Training Course “Off the Ground” created by YoWo Poland. Participants from Poland, Latvia, Netherlands, Italy, Malta and Spain felt like they were on the International Space Station. Many countries were gathered in one place to talk about great causes for mankind.

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Materials for Social Entrepreneurship education

Social Entrepreneurship through Gamification - check out our simulation game and escape room!

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YE Learning Through Board Games

When you see your life as a game, you will take the most out of it.

In July 2022 young people sent by our organization took an active part in Erasmus+ Youth Exchange “Learning Through Board Games”. Participants from Czech Republic met other young people from Estonia, Poland, Italy and Spain. They spend an entire week in a quiet Viljandimaa (Estonia) to develop their skills thanks to board games.


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TC Rational Room

We are very happy to share with you results of our Erasmus+ Training Course “Rational Room” that we have recently hosted in Kolin.

The main aim of the activity was to deliver knowledge about media literacy and critical thinking through making escape rooms, as well as understanding how to use escape rooms as a learning tool in order to create similar activities at local communities.

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TC Be Active. Participate.

It’s good when thinking precedes actions.

In April 2022 we have implemented an Erasmus+ Training Course “Be Active. Participate”. Participants from Poland, Croatia, Estonia, Romania, Italy, Spain, Portugal had a small journey in Kolin through politics.


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