TC Healthy Youth

In summer 2022 we have implemented an Erasmus+ Training Course “Healthy Youth”. Participants from Poland, Bulgaria, Estonia, Romania, Turkey, Spain, and Germany had an opportunity to discover traditional South Moravian village Mutenice and learnt about ways and strategies how to promote physical activity and healthy lifestyle to young people.

The participants gained valuable knowledge and skills on healthy exercising and nutrition and broadened their knowledge on the consequences of an unhealthy lifestyle and sedentary lifestyle. They learned new strategies how to work with young people and how to help them to adopt a positive attitude towards physical activity and a healthy lifestyle and how to involve especially those with fewer opportunities in social life through sport. They learnt how to organize and promote a sport event in their communities.

At the end of the project participants organized Sports Day for the local kids of Mutenice.

Another outcome of this training course are these booklets, made by our participants:

Healthy lifestyle tips

Movement games


Feel free to use it!

This project allowed Jan Chlapek and Vojtech Stursa, our trainers, to awaken the will of participation in healthy lifestyle and wellbeing topic among our participants.


TC "Healthy Youth" is financed by Erasmus+ Programme. 


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