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Between October and November 2022 we have implemented an Erasmus+ Training Course “Educate Like a Boss”. Participants from Hungary, Austria, Estonia, Romania, Greece, Lithuania, Portugal and Spain met in Kolin for the training of trainers.


This training was an amazing opportunity for our participants. They discovered basic principles of facilitation and different non-formal education methods. Although lot’s of them are experienced when it comes to participating and facilitating in different educational activities, it’s always a good idea to remind some of the basics. 


Our participants started slowly but moved fast to exploring various practical tools and methods for designing, facilitating and evaluation of educational activities. As you can imagine this training course was pretty intense since all this knowledge was put into sessions that took time from early in the morning to the late evening. After all, our participants managed perfectly! We could see the fruits of our labor in the sessions that were designed by our participants!


This outstanding experience happened thanks to our trainers Marco Santos and MarCus Vrecer. They did a great job and nothing will stop them from facilitating at the highest level you can imagine!


Check out sessions outlines prepred and tested by our participants: E+ TC Educate like a Boss - comilation of sessions outlines




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🌍 TC Educate Like a Boss is financed through Erasmus+ programme.



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