TC Check Your Source

Check it, before you start believing it.


New Year - New Project! In January 2023 we have implemented an Erasmus+ Training Course “Check Your Source”. Participants from Poland, Italy, Netherlands, Malta, Spain and Portugal met in Kolin to improve their critical thinking.


Conspiracy theories for some people ar a funny joke but for others it’s the only truth in the world. Our participants learnt about different also harmful consequences, like it was for Pizzagate. False facts like to spread around the world, do you remember Covid-19 pandemic? How much false information was on the internet about vaccines or the virus itself? Unfortunately people prefer the information that already supports their beliefs. We are not doing it on purpose, it’s just how our brain works.


The idea behind this training course was to teach our participants about this cognitive bias, its consequences and (the most important) how to break out of it so in the future they can spread this knowledge between the youth they will meet. It was a busy week with a lot of theory combined with practice during each session. Our participants learnt new methods on how to challenge not only everyday news but also life decisions regarding entrepreneurship. That’s why they spend a whole day playing as managers of fishing companies and their impact on the ecosystem or spend time helping and improving the school system in Africa. Sounds complicated? Thanks to our wonderful trainers Veronika Batelková and Lukáš Hána - everything was clear, funny and engaging for our participants.


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🌍 TC Check Your Source is financed through Erasmus+ programme.



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