Seminar EduPlay

You have to roll your dice to know the results.


In October 2022 we have implemented an Erasmus+ Seminar “EduPlay”. It is a part of KA2 Strategic Partnership project that gathers five international organizations from Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, Hungary and the Netherlands with love for board games!


We wanted to share our interest not only in board games but also in gamification. It is a methodology where you put a learning process of learners in the frame of a game. With this approach you can   transfer knowledge and skills on any topic, while making it truly engaging thanks to using game-based settings and elements. 


For the past months we were working on designing educational games that we wanted to test on this evaluation seminar. Members of our NGO and other partner organizations were able to share their knowledge and experience regarding board games and its benefits for educational reasons, as well as test their intellectual outputs. Participants, who joined the seminar, could test games and give constructive feedback thanks to their curiosity and fresh eyes. Thanks to this meeting, we could hear different perspectives  and adapt our games accordingly to received remarks. It was a great time for all of us not only in the field of education but also in terms of fun and networking.


Huge thanks to all of the partners organizations for this cooperation and wonderful experience:


Fundacja Innowacyjnej Edukacji

Mensch-Raum-Land e.V.

TEIS Foundation

Culture Clash4U



If you want to play one of our educational games you can check our Social Entrepreneurship through Gamification!




Check our website for more open calls!




🌍 Seminar EduPlay is financed through Erasmus+ programme.


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