TC ToTall – Training of Trainers

Quality, innovation, cooperation, inclusion and equity are the essential values which we promote through the training activity as we are talking about youth participation.


January was a very productive month as we implemented our second Erasmus+ Training course (this year) “ToTall”. We welcomed experienced and motivated trainers from Poland, Latvia, Estonia, Denmark, Bulgaria and Spain who felt comfortable and free to share their ideas as well as were ready to discover some innovative non-formal learning methodologies and tools.

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KA2 EduPlay – Education through Play

“Games are the most elevated form of investigation”  - Albert Einstein.


We agree that games are one of the most inspiring, engaging, driving forces of creativity, learning and development. Nowadays, games are one of the main pastimes of people. Games field grows and develops fast and diverse. So, we love the idea of games being educational tools and truly believe learning can be fun.

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KA2 Strategic Partnership PEPAR - Play, Engage, Participate

Learning Faster through Educational Games


 Are you a youth worker who wants to increase the youth participation in social and political life? Do you like gaming activities? Do you prefer to implement non formal education? Are you into having fun while learning? We hope you experienced one of our KA2 PEPAR activity but don´t worry if not as you can download the games at the bottom of this article.

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TC Check Your Source

Check it, before you start believing it.


New Year - New Project! In January 2023 we have implemented an Erasmus+ Training Course “Check Your Source”. Participants from Poland, Italy, Netherlands, Malta, Spain and Portugal met in Kolin to improve their critical thinking.


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TC Educate Like a Boss

Accept your past and learn from it.


Between October and November 2022 we have implemented an Erasmus+ Training Course “Educate Like a Boss”. Participants from Hungary, Austria, Estonia, Romania, Greece, Lithuania, Portugal and Spain met in Kolin for the training of trainers.




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Seminar EduPlay

You have to roll your dice to know the results.



In October 2022 we have implemented an Erasmus+ Seminar “EduPlay”. It is a part of KA2 Strategic Partnership project that gathers five international organizations from Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, Hungary and the Netherlands with love for board games!


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