TC Think It Through

"Think It Through": Igniting Minds in Kolín!

In the heart of Kolín, Czech Republic, the "Think It Through" Erasmus+ training course came to life in early September. This transformative event saw brilliant minds from Bulgaria, Finland, Italy, Slovakia, Malta, Estonia, Czechia and Spain converge to explore the realms of critical thinking and media literacy.

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TC Non-Traditional Games for Everyone

In the summer of 2023, we successfully implement an Erasmus+ Training Course titled "Non-Traditional Games for Everyone" This program brought together participants from Germany, Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Turkey, Spain, and Lithuania. They had a unique opportunity to explore the charming South Moravian village of Luzice while digging into the world of non-traditional sports games.

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TC Go Graphic

Unlocking the Power of Visual Thinking: Erasmus+ Project "Go Graphic" in Horka nad Moravou, Czech Republic.

In August, a groundbreaking Erasmus+ project named "Go Graphic" brought together participants from seven different countries to Horka nad Moravou in the Czech Republic. The primary objectives of this inspiring initiative were to delve into the world of graphic facilitation, recording, and visual thinking. By combining theory and hands-on practice, participants sought to unlock the potential of these creative techniques for enhancing education, boosting creativity, and fostering effective communication. 

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TC MediAware

Unlocking the power of Media Literacy: A recap of the Erasmus+ Training Course "MediAware"

In the beginning of August 2023, an Erasmus+ Training Course called "MediAware" brought together participants from Croatia, Spain, North Macedonia, Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, Portugal and Czechia. They all came to beautiful Kolín in the Czech Republic to discover more on the topic of disinformation and digital wellbeing.

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TC CreateAbility

Change is an opportunity to innovate, create, and find new solutions.


Change management, creative problem solving and decision making? That was a beautiful music played to our participant´s ears. Motivated and eager to learn youth workers from Denmark, Poland, Netherlands, Portugal, Estonia, Italy and Romania came to Kolín for a Trainincg Course "CreateAbility". 

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TC ToTall – Training of Trainers

Quality, innovation, cooperation, inclusion and equity are the essential values which we promote through the training activity as we are talking about youth participation.


January was a very productive month as we implemented our second Erasmus+ Training course (this year) “ToTall”. We welcomed experienced and motivated trainers from Poland, Latvia, Estonia, Denmark, Bulgaria and Spain who felt comfortable and free to share their ideas as well as were ready to discover some innovative non-formal learning methodologies and tools.

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